Rose Hip Seed Oil

Rose Hip Seed Oil

Rosehip seed oil is a natural product with curative and regenerating properties making it the ideal remedy to maintain your skin and keep it young and vital.

Rosehip seed oil is extracted from the seeds of the Rosehip fruit (Rosa Canina L.) using the cold press technology.

Our oil is a 100% pure natural and unrefined product, containing only natural biological ingredients.

No chemicals are used in the process of its extraction. The product is not flavoured and has a specific scent of the rosehip.

The extraction method guarantees preservation of all valuable and highly efficient biological ingredients such as vitamins, fatty acids, antioxidants.


Weight 137 g

Additional information

The cold pressed rosehip seed oil is extremely rich in essential fatty acids, natural retinoic acid (Provitamin A), tocopherols (Vitamin E) and antioxidants which are the reason for its moisturizing and rejuvenating effect.

The abundance of carotene determines the reddish-orange colour of our oil.

The cold pressed rosehip oil is high in essential fatty acids (more than 90% of its total mass):

Omega – 3 (Linolenic acid – around 23%), Omega – 6 (Linoleic acid – around 52%) and Omega – 9 (Oleic acid – around 17%), which are very important with their protecting and anti-inflammatory properties and have a favorable effect on the regenerating processes in the internal skin layer.

It is super thin, the so called “dry oil”; it is gently absorbed by the skin, smoothes out the relief without blocking up the pores, leaving the feeling of velvet softness. The oil is a real luxury for any type of skin.

Way of Use



  • Dry skin

Rosehip oil maintains the optimum balance of the fatty acids and water in our skin. It is an excellent moisturizing agent which is quickly absorbed by the dry skin, smooths out wrinkles and restores the moisture balance, disrupted as a result of climatic and other environmental factors.


  • Wrinkles and pigmentation

Thanks to its extremely rich natural vitamin content, moisturizing, regenerating and rejuvenating effect, rosehip oil reduces wrinkles both in depth and width, drastically reduces all signs of ageing skin – dryness, lack of radiance, pigmentation spots, wrinkles of “crow’s feet” type, etc.


  • Scars and spots
    These refer to scars from surgical interventions, injuries, scars from acne, dermatitis and other skin defects. Rosehip oil remodels broken skin structures on a micro level, replaces broken tissues with new and healthy ones, normalizes the skin colour and at the same time reduces the redness and hyperpigmentation.
  • Skin burns
    Rosehip oil gives excellent restorative results in treatment of skin burns.
  • Rosehip oil and hair care
    Rosehip oil has soft pH (around 5.1), which gives an excellent opportunity for its direct application on the hair, scull and skin. It may be applied as a hot oil therapy for curly and problematic hair or massaged on dry and peeling places of the skin and scull. The curative properties of the oil have an immediate effect.


  • Aromatherapy and massages
    Aromatherapists consider Rosehip oil as the Queen of the oil bearers. It can be used both independently and in combination with other basic and essential oils.




Apply in the evening on well-cleansed and dried skin.

Gently rub the oil with your fingertips (5-6 drops) on the skin of the face, neck and the neckline.




Keep the bottle well closed at a place far from sources of heat and direct sun light.

Optimum storage temperature: 10 – 25 С.